Face it. You're a little racist. And being behind the veil of Xbox live gives you the opportunity to display your true colors. And if you made it on this site, your bigotry was significant enough to merit acknowledgement.

So, what is The Bigot Gamer? Don't ask this guy.

Embarrassed? Personally, we hope so. But that's not the point of this site. This site is a social experiment. The more occurrences of discriminatory behavior by more and more individuals posted to this site will prove to the Ann Coutlers of the world that Bigotry is alive and thriving. And when people think they are anonymous, they don't hold back. Oh how the hate flows when you think there are zero consequences.

As much as we appreciate what the website http://gamersagainstbigotry.org/, we are not trying to stop discrimination in the gaming world. We're just trying to expose it in easy, click-able links.

Enjoy the website and if you want to contact us or share your videos of bigotry in the gaming world, shoot us an email at thebigotgamer@gmail.com or friend me on Xbox live at TheBigotGamer